Asbestos Removal

JCR are the leading & most professional specialists within this field rest assured that your organisation would enjoy a safe & secure work environment during our process of works at an affordable price.

JCR have completed in excess of 50 Asbestos re-roofs replacing  over 30,000m2 of Asbestos

The JCR Group are fully licensed & compliant being:

The resale value of your property will increase substantially once asbestos removal has taken place, with other benefits including:

  • Prevention of any asbestos related illness
  • Tank rainwater unable to be contaminated
  • No airborne fibre’s left within the property
  • Removal of weight and stress from roof timbers (asbestos weighs up to ten times as much as a metal roof) Persons with control of premises containing asbestos have a duty of care to:
  • Develop, implement and maintain an asbestos management plan
  • Investigate the premises for the presence or possible presence of asbestos containing material
  • Develop and maintain a register of the identified or presumed asbestos containing material, including details on their locations, accessibility, condition, risk assessments and control measures.
  • Develop measures to remove the asbestos containing materials or otherwise to minimize the risks and prevent exposure to asbestos
  • Ensure the control measures are implemented as soon as possible and are maintained as long as the asbestos containing materials remain in the workplace

Asbestos Health Information

Exposure to asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma.  This cancer develops in the thin layer of tissue that lines and protects the chest cavity and other organs . Asbestos products can be found in homes, schools, and on many job-sites. has information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options, as well as information on the mesothelioma life span.  For more information on asbestos related diseases visit