Fall Arrest Systems

When it comes to Fall Arrest Systems the JCR team are the ones for the job. Experienced in every facet of Complete Roofing Solutions, Quality & Value backed Guarantee & Warranty. JCR are one of a few technically advanced roofing & cladding specialists.

Anchor Point Installation is the most effective way to achieve access to the exterior façade of any building or structure to carry out building maintenance works. It is also an easy and affordable means of securing personnel working at heights from having a fall. Fall arrest is a critically important part of Occupational Health and Safety and saves lives. The current requirements are that any area or work zone that any personnel can be exposed to a elevation within 2 meters of a 1.8meter fall zone, and requires that any personnel working within this zone must be safely restrained in the event of a fall and also have a energy absorbing system incorporated within the working system.


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